Authorized person
Authorized person
3 Cylinder Diesel Generator
10 TON 10 Meter Polyster Slingshot
100 MM Forging Steel Clamp
115 MM Angle Grinding
210 MM Cutter
AL GM PPRC Welding Machine Set
ALESTA Professional Folding Ladder
ALSİL Silicone Transparent 280 ML
Aluminum Cerman Hinge Yellow
Steel Toe Suite Work Shoes
Submerged Pump Floater Cable
Iron Cutting Machine
Screw Die Adapter
Vertical Fittings
EKSPORT Roller Brush
Extra Built-In Door Key
Electrical Door Check Lock
Mini Rachet Lock
Firat PVC Sewage Pipe Systems
GBH 2-26 DFR Rotary Hammer Drill
Iron Cutting Machine
İNVERTER 161 Welding Machine
Isımak GE Flueless
Packaging Tape
Automatic Door Closer
Door Handle
Carburator Socket Set
Rubber Wheel
Welding and Torch Sets
Red Helmet Manuel Adjusted
Combination Pliers 160 MM
Compressor 8 BAR 116 PSI
Shovel Handle
Ball Valve
Putty Spatula Wooden Handled
Blue Pickax 2 KG
Metal Cutting Wheels
Shielded Welding Electrodes
Parachute Type Harness
Stainless Tape Measure 5x25 MM
Plastic Spacer
PP Pipe and Fittings
Industrial Aspirators
Plastering Trowel 14 CM Wooden Handled
SOUDAFOAM 1K 650 GR Tin Yellow
Chipboard Screw Yellow
Braided Transparent Garden Hose
Long Boot Yellow
YAPAR Wheelbarrow